Clydesdale Harriers Committee Meeting


Friday 21st October 2022 – Minutes


  1. Attendance. P.Rudzinski, J.Wright, , N.Armstrong, , W.Jones. D.Rothin, D.Mitchell, G.Kennedy
  2. Apologies. E.Paxton, P.McCrossan, J.Hanratty, W.Rooney, R.Paxton,


  1. Minutes of previous Meeting. The minutes were read and accepted as correct, moved by J.Wright and seconded by W.Jones.


  1. Matters Arising. A. Website Revamp. Still ongoing. G.Kennedy to arrange a suitable date to meet with Kriss to tidy up the various pages which require updating.
    1. Digital Banking. This is still a work in progress – to switch from RBOS to BOS.
    2. PVG renewals. JW now has his PVG accreditation. Others who require to be re-instated need to bring their documentation to the next meeting for Jim’s approval. Those who require to re-instate their coaching certificate need to do this on-line via the Sa “hub”.


  1. Correspondence. PR reported on the updated requirements for declaring teams for the SA National XC relays.


  1. Treasurer’s Report. Reports for September read by J.W., approved by GK and WJ. One cheque for £300 received from Garscube Harriers for their use of the track in August, but not the full amount for which they were billed. We need to resolve this issue forthwith.


  1. Junior Section. Numbers continue to increase. We now have access to the storage facility at the track!


  1. OCB. 1. Club Kit. P.Dolan is proposing to use Walters of Clydebank (local company) to source future provision of various club kit. No objections from committee. 2. J.Austin, R.Young and P.Cartwright were awarded £100 each to assist with travel costs to Dublin where they will compete in the British & Irish Masters XC International. We wish them well.



  1. Date of Next Meeting. Friday  18th November 2022.