First of all, thanks to Gerry Kennedy for organizing and setting up, with his colleague, this new updated Harriers website.   I remember Gerry as a young athlete winning his medal in the Scottish Schools championships.   Although business took him away from the club for many years, he was always a Clydesdale Harrier at heart.   With his experience of running a successful business, his love of the sport and his love of the club he is and will continue to be a huge asset at a difficult time for all athletics.

Me? I’ve been in the club since April 1957 and although no longer active I still support the club in any way I can   I’ve seen generations of Harriers and they all have their own philosophy – but with a desire to help the club in any way they can.   It’s not been all serious stuff although when the starting gun went, they were very serious.  

Lots of stories about for instance, Pat Younger who died last year.  Walking down from work one evening singing a song to himself, he stopped, turned to his friend with him and said, “You know, when you’re singing you hear Frank Sinatra, [pause] but you’re the only one hearing Frank Sinatra!”

Or his friend the Irishman Cyril O’Boyle. 

He had a serious injury to his heel, a lump like a duck egg.   When he turned up at training after seeing the doc, we asked what could be done.   “Well”, he said” they could cut a cross on it, peel back the skin and scrape the bone clean.”   “Is there nothing else they can do?”   Well,” says he, There’s a tablet I can take . . . .”

There will be more about some of the club characters as time passes as well as about the club’s successes down the years.