Clydesdale Harriers was founded on 4th May, 1885.   There are many theories how it came about but it was the first specialist athletics club that lasted for any length of time.   There were athletic clubs, so-called, which were really multi-sports clubs and mainly specialised in football; there were ‘clubs’ that held one run and disappeared from view; there was one club which is said to have met at a particular lamp post in the west end of Glasgow and that was their HQ.   Clydesdale was the first really specialist club that lasted for any length of time.    ALL the anniversaries were celebrated with a formal dinner – 10th, 20th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, and so on.   

We have a lot to be proud of in the club in terms of team and individual performances, in terms of contribution to the sport in general and in terms of contribution to the communities in which we have been based.   Next year is our 140th anniversary – why not celebrate it?   All current senior athletes, all former athletes and club members, guests from other clubs would all make it an occasion to be proud of.   Were they all to bring their wives, husbands, partners too it would be a goodly company.   A table displaying our silver ware would be an appropriate part of the proceedings too.   

A good hotel, a good menu and it would be enjoyable, let us all see what we have and maybe even lure some of the former members back to the club.   More on this to come!