The last post suggested a 140th Celebration Dinner: not an unreasonable suggestion and a club of our vintage and significance in Scottish athletics should in my view hold one.   No doubt other clubs of similar or older provenance will hold them every ten years – Rangers FC, Celtic FC, West of Scotland Rugby Club and so on would or have done so already.   We could of course do it in some style – adults only, trophies etc on display.   We should of course, were such an event be held, invite former members along since the club belongs to them as much as to those currently paying subscriptions or involved in the club.   They have all contributed in their time and in their own way – look at these.

First, some runners for and in the club during the 1990’s as listed in the handicap list: many of them will not be available for several reasons but a sizeable number would be able to come and want to come.   Add them, and their partners, to the current list and the numbers would be there for a great evening.

Maybe even add in some of the great group we had in the 1980’s as shown in the handicap list for the 1980’s: some have died, some have left the district and some would even be physically unable to come but reunions of former members, or former runners are always great occasions.


We should think about it: top table with glittering trophies, club president with his wife in the centre with two senior committee members on either side, or even invited guests on either side.  Two speeches – one toasting the club, and one repying on behalf of Clydesdale Harriers.   Then the rest of the evening socialising.   How about the Beardmore Hotel for a venue?