Firstly, a big thanks to all our athletes who have competed so far this year. The performances have been excellent and have allowed the respective teams to hold strong positions in both leagues which was our goal at the start of the season. Our athletes competed at Ayr Stadium on 19th May, 2024 in the Youth Development League and in two competitions on the 9th and 16th June, both at Grangemouth. The 9th June, being CSSAL Competition for all age groups and the 16th June, once again being the Youth Development League, u13 & u15 only.
The sun came out eventually for the first event on 19th May, Youth Development League, and our athletes gave fantastic performances across the board. The performances allowed the team to hold strong positions in both leagues which was our goal at the start.

At the CSSAL Event held at Grangemouth on 9th June, The team managed to finish 4th on the day, placing us 3rd joint overall in the league at this juncture of the season, which is a fantastic result considering the gaps we had in the team for all events in the meeting. Our athletes pulled out some excellent performances with a good number of top three finishes in the mix.
Some individual performances at CSSAL Event were:
Myah – 150m @ 25.09, 600m @ 2:17.59, Long Jump @ 3.05m
Mirren – 150m @ 27.98, 600m @ 2:32.0, Long Jump @ 1.85m
Beth – 200m @ 35.74, Javelin @ 8.51m, Shot Putt @ 5.25m
Eilidh – 200m @ 28.52, Long Jump @ 4.14m
Lily – 200m @ 29.78, 1500m @ 5:51.67, Long Jump @ 3.86m
Emily – Discus @ 11.05m
Noah – 150m @ 24.68, 600m @ 2:09.36, Long Jump @ 2.77
Jack – 150m @ 25.41, 600m @ 2:12.28, Long Jump @ 2.78m
Ruaraidh – 200m @ 26.77m, 1500m @ 5:30.06, Javelin – 16.84m
Lewis – 200m @ 28.39, 1500m @ 5:35.85, Long Jump @ 4.20m
Iain – 1500m @ 4:57.85, Shot Putt @ 5.76m
Michael – 1500m @ 4:29.10
Daniel – 200m @ 25.01, Shot Putt @ 6.18m, Long Jump @ 4.69m
Ryan – 200m @ 31.54, 1500m @ 6:00.65, Long Jump @ 2.58m


The 3rd Youth Development League match was held on a pretty wet day on 16th June at Grangemouth with great efforts from all of the girls. We are sitting 5th position with just a couple of events to go which is excellent and confirms our league status once again.
Some notable performances are as below:
Liora: 75m @ 12.69 (pb), long jump @ 2.16m, shot putt @ 4.60m
Beth: long jump @ 2.70m (pb), shot putt @ 5.86m (pb)
Emily: 100m @ 15.65 (pb), discus @ 11.86m (pb)
Lily: 800m @ 2:53.54 (pb), long jump @ 3.64m (pb), 4 x 300m relay @ 3:21.75 (pb)
Isabella: 800m @ 2:51.57 (pb), 4 x 300m relay @ 3:21.75 (pb)

A special thanks to all our Club Coaches, Robert Paxton, Emily Paxton, Jim Wright and Phil Dolan and for all the Parent support that makes it all possible. Club training sessions will continue throughout summer on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7pm until 9pm, at St Peter The Apostle High School.
Thanks also to Robert, Emily & Jim for providing all the “action” photos via our Club Facebook Page.