Competition Selection Policy

National, District, Cross Country, Road Races and Open Graded events are generally open to all those who wish to compete. Road and Cross-Country events are generally entered via the club with track events done individually. Track and field League competitions allow a limited number of entrants, and this policy aims to clarify the selection procedure. Athletes are encouraged to compete in all appropriate events, making this decision in consultation with their club coach. Open Graded, Championship races and Park Runs in particular are useful for obtaining official times or distances. All athletes being considered must be fully paid-up Club members.

Clydesdale Harriers team captains select teams for the leagues/events in which Clydesdale Harriers compete.

When selecting a team, the relevant team captains(s) will review the performances of athletes. They will also take advice from coaches about current form and performance at training sessions, particularly if there are no recorded recent performances and in the younger age groups.

Teams will be selected with the aim of fielding the strongest team for meetings, achieving the highest possible placing for the club whilst taking into account athlete development.
A discussion with athletes who are highly ranked in a number of events (or their coach/parent) to decide which event(s) to compete in at each event will take place as required.

Athletes who are selected and commit to attending but fail to attend without reasonable cause and notice will not be selected to compete at future events at the club’s discretion – this will generally be for the next event. Late call-offs without reasonable explanation may be similarly treated, at the team managers discretion.

The team captain’s decision on team selection is final.

Any athlete or parent who has a grievance about team selection should discuss this with the relevant team manager and the athlete’s coach. If this does not resolve the problem, the club’s Grievance Procedure should be followed.