Our coaches are on hand to welcome you to our club. You will find our coaches are very positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, knowledgeable, respectful, good at goal setting, clearly communicating, and have lots of patience.

Our coaches are fully committed to guiding and training all of our athletes, across all age groups abilities, and disciplines.

Our coaches are on hand to help every club member reach their full potential.

It’s your club too, so we always take the time to listen and try to understand things from the perspective of our club members.

Its fair to say like most athletics clubs that everything is run by volunteers, club members and their extended families. Clydesdale Harriers truly welcomes all our volunteers and really values the support they provide at training nights and the various club events.

Our existing coaches and office bearers will happily help you gain experience and confidence and help you to match your talents, should you wish to help in any way to the running of our club. We are all after all just one big happy family.

If you feel you too could assist the club by helping the coaches by assisting at training, offering transport to events, learning how to officiate at events, training to be a first aider or helping to promote the club, we assure you that you will be welcomed with open arms.


Clydesdale Harriers

Running Club


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