Clydesdale Harriers General meeting


Friday 17th November 2023 – Minutes

Clydebank Leisure Centre 7.00 p.m.


1.     Attendance. P.Rudzinski, J.Wright, D.Rothin, G.Kennedy, W.Jones, D.Mitchell. P.McCrossan, R.Paxton.

2.      Apologies, E.Paxton, J.Hanratty.


3.     Minutes of previous Meeting. The minutes were read and accepted as correct, moved by J.Wright and seconded by D.R..


4.     Matters Arising. All on the agenda.


5.     Treasurer’s Report. Monthly reports for September and October were read by JW and approved by GK and WJ. The annual report for year ending 31st March 2023 was also presented and approved by DM and WJ.


6.     Correspondence. All dealt with electronically.


7.     Junior Section. Numbers attending training nights are still on the increase. Thursday night training has now moved back to the school with the track booked for one hour. We also have the gym on Thursdays. Robert suggested that we should invite some of the junior’s parents to represent the juniors at committee meetings. There was some minor discussion as to whether or not non-members could vote on issues. The answer was left undecided, to be resolved if we get any parents who are willing to attend.    


8.     OCB.  A. Website. The club website is now being revamped to allow all but confidential info to be available to casual visitors. There are lots of relevant articles now available on the website, courtesy of Brian McAusland and others. Many thanks to Gerry and his IT guy for all their hard work. The provision of up to date news and results needs to be kept going.


9.     Charges to Garscube. There was firm agreement that we have to continue to charge Garscube Harriers members the same rate as our own athletes. PR will draft a response to Garscube for agreement/amendment before it is passed to Garscube Harriers.


10. Masters XC International expenses. It was agreed to award £50 to Pamela to help pay for some of her expenses for this event. PR will enquire with Bobby Young, Peter Cartwright and James Austin if they had also incurred similar costs. At the suggestion of Robert, we also agreed to award the same amount to Corey Donaldson for his costs to attend the ceremony for his Highland Games award presentation.


11. Member recruitment. Yet another discussion on how we can recruit new senior members to the club. Only outcome from discussion was that PR and GK will be available to take anyone who turns up, out for a short run on a Tuesday night. (unless they’re too fast for us!)


12. Membership fees. Yet another discussion that we need to be collecting membership fees more timeously. What to do if “members” don’t pay.


13. The role of the club captains was raised as an issue. We need to list the things that are done by anyone, who does them, and do these tasks need to be reallocated to a more appropriate person. For future allocation.


14. Yet another discussion that the Club Constitution needs to be updated.


15. It was hoped that we would have a presentation night sometime in January.


16. Date of Next Meeting. Friday 19h January 2024.