Clydesdale Harriers Committee Meeting


Friday 16th September 2022 – Minutes


  1. Attendance. P.Rudzinski, J.Wright, , P.McCrossan, J.Hanratty, N.Armstrong, W.Rooney, W.Jones. R.Paxton, D.Rothin
  2. Apologies. E.Paxton, , D.Mitchell, S.McKee, G.Kennedy, E.McKee


  1. Minutes of previous Meeting. The minutes were read and accepted as correct, moved by J.Wright and seconded by J.Hanratty.


  1. Matters Arising. A. Website Revamp. Still ongoing. We now have a “cloud” area where we can send files which will then be posted by Kriss.
    1. Digital Banking. This is still under consideration. J.Wright to progress with Bank of Scotland. It looks a more promising service than that provided by RBOS. Committee agreed nem con to switch banks.
    2. PVG renewals. Again, a work in progress.J.Wright will now send away our renewals for processing.


  1. Correspondence. PR reported that there will be no DAAA relay championships this year as no club has a suitable venue to host them. PR will canvass seniors and enter teams for the District and National XC Relays.


  1. Treasurer’s Report. Reports for August read by J.W., approved by WR and WJ. Still no cheque from Garscube Harriers for their use of the track in August. To be discussed at next meeting what our options are for future lets and whether or not Garscube will be allowed to participate.


  1. Junior Section. Numbers continue to increase. We need to issue membership forms and medical forms for the new athletes to complete. We also need access to the storage facility at the track!


  1. OCB. The recent deaths of former members Pat Younger and Andy Wright was noted. This prompted a discussion on how many honorary life members we have. JW to provide a list for the next meeting for updating.



  1. Date of Next Meeting. Friday 21st October 2022.