DAAA Committee Meeting

Monday 15 August 2022 @ 7pm


Apologies received:

Hugh Stevenson (VP), Mark Ashby (VP)

In attendance:

Sharon Taylor, Peter Walsh, Peter Rudzinski, Allen Campbell, Diane McLaughlin, Stuart Irvine

Minutes from Meeting on Monday 11 July 2022


Items for Discussion

Tour of Clydeside Bank Account update

At a zoom call (Monday 25 July) with Richard Leyton and Gerry Gaffney following a West District

League set-up meeting, Gerry advised that Cameron Spence has now become involved in resolving

TofC and RAAA bank accounts that Colin Shields is still holding onto. Colin Sheilds has agreed to hand

over the required cheques to Cameron, one being for the DAAA. I’ve not heard anything since. I will

contact Richard and Gerry and ask for an update.

Tour of North Clydeside Race Series: Monday 29 August to Friday 02

September 2022

The race series is now live, runners can sign up at https://protay.co.uk/tonc22/

Please have a wee look for yourself, sign-up is easy to navigate, you can click out before payment.

If you’ve not done so already, can you forward this link to your club members.

We advise pre-entry as there will be only limited entry on the day.

The following is from the minutes of 11 July and explains the name change to the race series:

“Following discussions with Richard Leyton (RAAA), DAAA had been advised that RAAA no longer

wish to take part in the Tour of Clydeside Race Series whereas DAAA would like the race series to


The race series will be re-named as The Tour of North Clydeside Race Series. A 2022 edition will

take place in the week beginning Monday 29 August. This year we will hold three races within the

event series, looking to add another in 2023”.

The races are all designed to be flat and fast. details are as follows:

Monday 29 August: The Bowline Bounce – approximately 5 miles from Dalmuir to the Bowline and

back. Race starts and finishes near to Bridge Street. There is s path from the canal to Bridge Street.

Park in Beardmore Street or the Clydebank Industrial Estate at the roundabout.

Wednesday 31 August: The Bandstand Boogie – approximately 5 miles from the bandstand in

ClydebankShopping Centre to Blairdardie and back

Friday 02 September: The Dumbarton Dash – approximately 5 miles from the Pavilion, Dumbarton

East, also an out and back.


Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon: Sunday 25 September 2022 9am

The B2C has been accurately measured and will have a brand new flat fast finish at Queens

Quay Main Avenue, Clydebank G81 1BS in view of the Titan Landmark.

The sign-up page is now live https://protay.co.uk/b2c22/

A fair amount of discussion did take place with regard to the work that requires to be done

to allow for the B2C to be put on. This will be detailed is a separate document. We will be

looking to clubs to help with marshals and marshalling on the day.

The New Proposed West District League

There are still no definite venues for the first WD League meetings, hopefully by the next meeting on

Monday 05 September this will be resolved.

Dates have been proposed by the WDL working group for the first league fixture as potentially 19 or

20 November, Kilbarchan are not able to host this event. This may be switched to Kilmarnock.

14 or 15 January 2023 still looking for a host, 11 or 12 February 2023 may not go ahead.

To remind folk, the league is being offered up as a substitute for association level cross country as

some associations have poor attendance at this level. Luckily DAAA have a good sign-up and

attendance and we are content to go ahead with Association level cross country. If member clubs

wish to attend the WD league fixtures that will be perfectly fine for them to do so.

DAAA Cross Country

DAAA intent to go ahead with association level cross country on the following dates:

Saturday 15 October 2022 for the Relay Championships

Saturday 26 November 2022 for the Individual Championships

We are still looking for venues and clubs to host. Please let me know if you think you club will be

able to host. Happy to discuss what this involves and give support,

DAAA Championship Races

A programme of championship races for 2023 will be considered following the AGM in October.

Committee Members Code of Conduct / Update the Association


Both of these matters will be carried forward until after the AGM on 24 October 2022.

Any Other Business

It was agreed that a DAAA Facebook page will be set up to help pass on information to members

especially with regard to upcoming races and events.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 12 September 2022 at 7pm.

Date of 2022 AGM – Monday 24 October 2022