Jenni Falconer who grew up in Bishopbriggs and in Milngavie was the subject of an interesting article in the ‘Herald magazine last Saturday, 16th March.   Although she is a televison and radio presenter these days, she is also a runner, and has been for the last 30 years.   She first appeared on tele as a contestant on Blind Date but now has a podcast called RunPod and has covered country and lifestyle sections for Big Country, Holiday and This Morning.   RunPod first saw the light of day in 2019 and has aired over 350 episodes so far.   Her new book is called  Runner’s High which is described in the article as a companion for fans of the podcast broken down into manageable chunks aimed at all abilities from those keen to try running for the first time to anyone looking to ramp up their existing training routine.   That’s a direct quote.   Lots of anecdotes and advice including stuff like blisters, cramp, chafing, stitches, etc.    

She tells us how running has changed her life – transformative in terms of confidence, it helped her get over the fear of meeting new people, but the confidence thing was possibly the most important.   I won’t go through the whole thing, after all the article is five pages long, but it is a book that I’ll be buying.    It is out now, it is called “Runner’s High: How to Squeeze the Joy From Every Step”,  by Jenni Falconer,  published by Orion Spring,  and costs £16:99.